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Application for Initial B.A.D. (Begin Again Differently) Beta Master Class

The B.A.D. (Begin Again Differently) Master Class was founded in San Antonio Texas in 2019 by Ms. Claudette Yarbrough. Her mission is to assist individuals and groups in the process of winning again after suffering a significant loss. 


Most professional and personal development courses only care about quick fixes and band-aiding the problem. The B.A.D. Master Class teaches individuals, and groups effective processes and provides long-term solutions that lead to success!


We are not looking to work with just anyone - We are looking for dedicated individuals and groups who are eager to make a transformation in their lives or organization. Our goal for those we choose to work with is to lead them to their highest potential. We receive many applications and our team carefully reviews each applicant's entry. We only select those we identify as being truly committed to their transformational journey, and those who are willing to take the steps necessary to achieve personal and professional growth.


Each individual accepted into the B.A.D. Master Class will receive a Transformational Individual Growth Plan as a result from successful completion of a ten-week online course that will guide participants though each of the 7 Smart Processes developed by best-selling author, Claudette Yarbrough. 


If you are ready to invest in yourself and go on this transformational journey by joining the B.A.D. Master Class, you can expect to receive dedicated professional help, and the support you need to Begin Again Differently that will lead you to win again! 


To get started please complete the application below. Be sure to think through your responses carefully so will have a clear picture of who you are and where you want to be!

Tell us about you: 

Our program is a good fit for individuals and organizations who would like one-on-one coaching that will guide you to success.


More About You and Your Mission:

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Applicants who are not immediately accepted will, at the discretion of the B.A.D. team, be placed on a waiting list from which their application will be reviewed approximately every three months. The waitlist has no definitive wait period. If you are having issues submitting your application please email

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